Polaris Hub’s handling of sub-published shares

Please note that the deadline has passed so we have closed the form. If you have any questions, you can contact us at arn@koda.dk

In connection with the Polaris Hub’s licensing of KODAs composer’s and author’s shares, we need you to inform us on how to handle sub- published shares.

IMPORTANT: If you control more than one publisher (IPI), then you need to fill out the form below for each of those IPIs.


Polaris Hub can either:

  1. distribute the royalties collected for sub-published shares directly to you as original   publisher, after which you decide for yourself how you will distribute the funds   received for the sub-published shares (Koda recommends this option for most   publishers).

    When you choose this option, Koda will carry out distributions for all territories   licensed by Polaris Hub, which also includes distributions for sub-published shares.   Distributions are made on the basis of how the relevant agreements are registered in   ICE. That is, if the money comes from a sub-published territory, the distribution is   made to the original publisher using the sub-publisher’s split in that territory. This   might, for example, be 50% performance and 100% mechanical. The original   publisher will be responsible for distributing royalties onwards to the sub-  publisher   and the composer, according to the agreed splits. When using this model, the original   publisher maintains an overview of the total revenues generated by the members  involved.


  2. Polaris Hub can make its distributions for sub-published shares to the relevant local   collective rights management society (such as GEMA in Germany), if you have a sub-  publisher in the relevant territory.

    When using this model, Koda makes distributions for all territories licensed by Polaris   Hub, except for distributions for sub-published shares. Distributions for sub-  published shares will be made to the relevant local collective rights management   society, so that they can distribute to the sub-publisher. If we take the example of a   sub-publisher in Germany, Polaris Hub will collect 100% of the Koda shares. The hub   will then distribute the royalties collected, for the sub-published shares, to GEMA,   which then should distribute to the German sub-publisher. Using this model, the cash   flow is delayed as the money has to pass through an extra step, and the original   publisher must rely on the local society making the correct distribution to the sub-  publisher.


Where do I find my Koda member number?

If you don't know your Koda member number, you can find it, by loggin in at Mit Koda.